Workplace Wellness

Do any of these common problems in your workplace affect teamwork and productivity?

  • Communication Difficulties
  • Negativity
  • Bullying
  • Office Gossip
  • Personality Conflicts
  • Low Morale
  • Depressed or Mentally Impaired Employee
  • Lack of Interpersonal Skills
  • Backbiting
  • Stress
  • Apathy and Burnout
  • Excessive Absenteeism
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Harassment

If so, Belmont Wellness can offer you and your staff practical “hands on” solutions to improve your work environment and your bottom line. After all, the happy workplace is a more productive workplace!

Interactive and Creative Presentations

I use my insights from my work in the mental health field and the world of workplace wellness. My presentations are interactive and fun, while being informative. In my presentations, my active approach promotes team building and skill building. I offer many life skills handouts and worksheets with my presentations to help people remember important points and continue to work on the skills learning in the presentation.

These are a sample of my interactive presentations. I focus on how to change habits and offer tools to start making changes immediately!

Workplace Solutions

Topics Inlcude:

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Communication with Tact & Finesse

How to be a Stress Manager… and Not a Stress Carrier!

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!

The Balancing Act – Achieving a Work-Life Balance

Think Straight, Feel Great!

Handling the Challenges of Change

Essential Tips for Staying Sane and Productive Amidst “The Buzz”

Living the Positive Life

How To Bounce Back To Come Out On Top

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

Phone or in Person Coaching and Consultation

Executive Coaching is done in my office, phone or Skype.

Management Communication Coaching

If you have key individuals who have the right technical and workplace skills but lack some interpersonal finesse, I can provide coaching in person or through Skype and telephone to help your employees learn to communicate with tact and finesse and really listen rather than just hear.

Individualized coaching can help employees people improve their work-life balance.

I provide consultation, coaching and interactive Presentations to promote Emotional Wellness in the Workplace. Watch my introduction To Workplace Wellness video now!

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