Judith Belmont Forgiveness Self-Test

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Forgiveness Self-Test
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10 Responses to Forgiveness Self-Test

  1. yudith says:

    Like this
    Well done for sharing this with us.
    Humbly I’ll say I am a forgiveness genius even though I ain’t Christian 😉 just a little tease.
    Took me many years of inner work and outer work with my amazing clients.

  2. christina njoka says:

    This is a wonderful way of navigating difficult issues. a great resource for my students

  3. Johanna George says:

    Great stuff. I will defintely be able to use this with my clients

  4. Affie says:

    Hello, is this a free tool to use with clients? I am a forgiveness pro and this really helped me think about what forgiving really means. I would like the opportunity to practice forgiveness with this tool. Thank you

    • admin says:

      Sure – All my materials are free to reproduce for your clients as long as my info/copywrite is on the bottom and it is not put on another letterhead – thanks and glad you found it helpful!

  5. Yaasa says:

    Thank you for the great material. It is very helpful.

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